About OpenBondX

OpenBondX LLC was formed in late 2012 with the goal of bringing fair, transparent and efficient trading to all participants in the institutional bond market. Formed by professionals with a proven track record in building electronic trading platforms and strong regulatory discipline, OpenBondX intends to improve the existing fragmented, opaque and non-automated bond market and vastly reduce trading costs.

Alistair Brown
Cofounder and CEO

A pioneer in the electronic trading space, Mr. Brown founded Lime Brokerage LLC, an electronic agency broker-dealer catering to automated traders. At its peak, Lime touched 6% of US equity trading. Mr. Brown has over 15 years of experience in the quantitative trading world and in building trading systems on Wall Street. Prior to Lime Brokerage, he was a co-founder of Tower Research Capital, a quantitative proprietary trading firm.

John Jacobs
Chief Operating Officer

Prior to joining OpenBondX, Mr. Jacobs had a variety of roles in the electronic trading space - he was responsible for Business Development and New Markets at Teza Technologies, a quantitative hedge fund in Chicago, IL. In 2004 he was Chief Compliance Officer at Lime Brokerage and eventually became Chief Operating Officer prior to leaving in 2011. He managed the compliance operations at New Japan Securities International, Robert R. Meredith and Co., Ascent/Meredith Portfolio Management (an SEC registered investment adviser), and Lexit Capital LLC/NeoNet Securities Inc.