Microsoft Excel Integration

The OpenBondX Excel Addin allows deep integration between our platform and your Excel worksheets.


Order Placement

Place new orders and respond to open RFFQs directly from Excel.

The New Order Window mirrors the trade options of the web dashboard and can be prepopulated with values from your spreadsheet.

Formula Integration

View open RFFQs and track quantities traded in any subset of issues you define.

Custom formulas let you integrate with OpenBondX without modifying your normal Excel workflows.

Order Management

View, cancel, or duplicate any order without leaving your spreadsheet environment.

The Blotter Window provides a complete record of all order activity whether placed via the web, Excel, or FIX.

OpenBondX Excel Addin
Windows Installer
Getting Started Template
Sample Spreadsheet

Using The Addin

Logging In

Excel integrations are only available after authenticating with OpenBondX. To log in, click the Click to Login button in the OpenBondX tab or double-click on any OpenBondX formula cell. Once logged in, you can click the same button (now displaying Logged In ) to log out.

Entering Formulas

Custom formulas let users integrate with OpenBondX without modifying their normal Excel workflows. These formulas can either be entered directly into a cell or placed into a cell from the Functions dropdown in the OpenBondX tab. Like any other Excel formula, OpenBondX formulas can be combined with others to perform complex evaluations. Detailed information about these formulas is provided via the Help menu item in the Functions dropdown.

Placing an Order

The New Order Window can be accessed from the New Order button in the OpenBondX tab or by double-clicking on a cell with the OBX_SEND_RFFQ formula. The window mirrors the Single Order ticket from the OpenBondX web dashboard and allows the user to enter CUSIP, quantity, price, along with other order details. Similar to trading via the browser, the user will be asked to confirm the order and additionally notified if their account already has an open order in that issue.

Viewing and Responding to RFFQs

A live-updating cell can be created using the OBX_GET_BIDS or OBX_GET_OFFERS formulas. When there are RFFQs available (depending on formula parameters), the live-updating cell will change both color and text to highlight the details. Double-clicking on the cell at this point will open the RFFQs window for that security. The user can then choose to respond to a specific RFFQ from the list of available RFFQs.

NOTE: The live-updating cells will display all open RFFQs in a security, regardless of who placed it. The response form will notify users if they are responding to their own orders. RFFQs that the user has already responded to are similarly flagged.

Viewing and Placing Limit Orders

Users can monitor activity for securities in the central limit order book using the OBX_TOP_PX and OBX_TOP_QTY formulas. These formulas will display the price and quantity of the top-of-book order for the given security and order side. Double-clicking on these cells will open a window containing the depth-of-book as well as information on recent trades in that security. The user may then choose to place a limit order or sweep the book.

Integrating Filled Quantities

A live-updating cell can be created using the OBX_GET_FILLS formula. The formula will return the total filled quantity for sell or buy orders for the day (depending on parameters).

Viewing Your Orders

Users can view their orders by clicking the Blotter button in the OpenBondX tab. The blotter window displays all orders placed that day (including rejected and canceled orders) in accounts that the user has access to. Orders can be canceled or duplicated from this window.

Configuring Cell Colors

Font and background colors for OpenBondX generated formulas are completely customizable. To configure color options, click the Settings button in the OpenBondX tab. A live preview is displayed for each color-formula combination. To reset to the default color scheme, click the Restore Defaults button in the lower left corner of the window.

Unsupported Features

The following features are currently not supported within the OpenBondX Excel Addin, but remain available via the web interface: